The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Marketing

Facebook For Business
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Facebook is a social network accessible through computer, mobile device, and or other internet capable devices. The social network was originally developed to be used by Harvard students. Eventually the social network grew to include all of the colleges in the Boston area including Stanford University and the Ivy Leagues. Soon after the social platform expanded outside of Boston and grew to become the world’s leading social network. When members register on this social network, they can create a profile and then send friend requests to other people virtually. This social network is set up to allow members to update their profile, receive notifications, interact with others, upload content, and socialize on fan pages with others who share common interests. It is no wonder businesses around the world are learning how to use Facebook for business.


Before you can begin marketing on Facebook, you must create a profile page for your business. This is going to be the first thing that people see when they to your visit your profile, so make sure that it looks nice. A little effort goes a long way.

Add professional looking photos to your profile. Photos are a great way to entice potential customers to want to learn more about your business so include nice pictures that are relevant to your business.

Make it clear how you can be reached. Include your contact information so customers can contact you; if they can’t contact you it will be difficult to answer questions and or other business inquiries. Making the customer feel frustrated is an easy way to scare off potential customers.

Once the profile is done and you have some content on your profile, you can get to work marketing. Here are some tips you can use to start marketing on Facebook:

Starting the relationship off

If you’re a new business with no brand recognition, it can be very difficult to get people to follow you by just asking. If your customers don’t know you yet then you should start off the relationship by offering a nice gesture. You will want to convince them that it is worth their time to follow your page. You can offer a coupon, a free trial, or a promise that they will get special information that is not available to the general public. You have to keep up with this promise, you don’t want customers accusing you of defrauding them. Promotions on Facebook work so well because everyone loves free stuff. Psychologically this makes people feel like they are special or they are getting a really good deal.

Staying relevant

People following a page about videos games don’t want to see content about business. It’s important to always stay on topic. Those who are already following you on Facebook will want to learn more about your business. Give them what they want and publish valuable posts and photos to your profile. When writing posting your content make sure that it is relevant to your business. This does not mean that you cannot bring up other topics; you just need to make sure they tie into your business in some way. Remember there is a difference between posting valuable relevant content and posting relevant content.

Promoting interaction

Get them talking. The best way to get people talking is to post content that is thought provoking or impulse. An example of a thought provoking question might be “What inspires you?”. While an example of an impulse question might be “Name your favorite color?”.  The point of social media is to socialize virtually. By posting a thought provoking question that is interesting. The desired outcome is your fans will interact, like, and share your content on their personal pages and from there hopefully snowball into a viral effect, thus increasing the amount of likes and exposure to your business in the process.

Posting quality photos

Whether or not you have great photos on your profile can impact how fast your page grows. Photos are one of the first thing customers see when they visit your profile. If they are looking at unprofessional photos when they first see your profile, then that is how they are going to perceive your business. This is why posting quality photos is important. You don’t want to lose customers over a bad first impression. People like to look at pictures so you should try to include one with each update that you have. Depending on the audience. If one picture per post is too much then use one picture every couple of post. Take the time to make the photos look nice. You can hire a custom designer to create custom photos for your profile. A great place to find high quality designers is on freelance services such as Odesk and or Elance. They are great places to find designers for low, medium, and high budget marketing campaigns. You post a job and designers from around the world place bids on the cost of the job.

Capitalizing on emotion

How a person is feeling can affect how they perceive your business. For the general population most people seem to be happier on Fridays because it is the last day of the work or school week. According to the Facebook Happiness Index, members are about 10 percent happier on Fridays, this is something you can use to your advantage. Try doing something special like having a virtual event, or enticing fans to promote your page by offering an incentive that last for 24 hours.

Keeping the fans informed

Nobody is going to know about your new product or service if you don’t tell them. Your fans are there because they want to learn more about your business. If you have any upcoming events.  Create a calendar on your page that lists all of your upcoming events so that your fans are kept up to date. The calendar can also be used for posting upcoming product launches guest speakers, and more. Just get creative. It helps if you can include insider information not available anywhere else, this keeps things fresh while keeping the following well informed.

Hosting a contest

Contests can be great for social marketing because it allows you to get your brand out there while offering customers an incentive to learn more about your business. You can choose the type of contest you would like to run, such as a photo contest, sweepstakes, or a video contest but make sure to clearly list the rules before beginning. Choose the prize that will be offered before starting as well. Some great ideas for prizes are gift cards and electronics. Almost everybody loves getting free gift cards and electronics, emphasis on the word “free”. The benefit to you for offering a contest is you get to collect new customer’s contact information that you can in return use to market to later on. Using a third party app, like Shortstack, North Social, or Wildfire can make running a contest a lot easier.


60+ Facebook Marketing Strategy
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There are many benefits to choosing Facebook over the other social media platforms. Some of the few marketing benefits include:

  • Many different audiences

    —most people are already on Facebook so you can have access to different types of audiences. You also get the benefit of variety when it comes to age, gender, social group, religion, and many other factors all in one place.

  • It only takes a few seconds to publish a post

    —it is easy to post more than one update about your business each day and get it instantly in front of your main audience. This increases customer awareness towards your business. Be careful about posting too much you don’t want to be perceived of as spam.

  • Multiple monetization channel

    —directing customers to your sales page, trade shows, and or other events is seen as favorable compared to email marketing or other options. This is because the customers are already online and browsing when they see your post.

  • If free is too slow, you can use the Facebook Ads Platform

    — using the Facebook Ads Platform is not free. However, the cost of Facebook Ads Platform is extremely low compared to other networks. Facebook is known for their highly targeted customers because they collect so much personal information on their users. In return you can use the information they collect to market to the customers directly.  Depending on your budget, you have two options when it comes to marketing on Facebook. Options 1, you can use the Facebook Ads Platform where you pay per click. Generally, the cost is a few cents to a few dollars per click. Costs will vary depending on audience. Option 2, you can use Facebook for free and connect to the fans as discussed in the tips in the previous chapter. This option is usually more favorable to most because it doesn’t cost a dime.

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