23 Must-Visit Websites To Get Royalty Free Stock Photos

They say a photo is worth a thousand words. What could you do if you had access to the best websites on the internet to get royalty free stock photos? You could make a personal website. You could even start a business. The possibilities are endless. When you have an unlimited arsenal of visually appealing photographs by your side.


Most the websites you find below will contain images released under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) License. You must be wondering. What happens when a person or company releases their photograph under the CC0 1.0 License? They waive all their ownership rights. Once this happens, the photo now belongs to the public. For you this means you can copy, edit, and distribute the photograph however you like without providing any form of attribution.


I have been using this one for a few years now. Pixabay is a has over half a million photos in their database. Not including their vectors, videos, and art illustrations you can also get for free.


Every single photograph found on StockSnap falls under the CC0 1.0 License. The developers behind the website add hundreds of new high resolution images every single single week.


I searched for “cars” on Unsplash to show you some of the great content they have. What stood out to me about site was the sheer volume of quality content that showed up whenever I performed a search.


This is some of the stuff that showed up when I looked up “nature” on PublicDomainPictures. This is just part of 1 page out of 315. I took a look through some of it. From what I can tell every single photo is public domain. You can tell by tapping on the photograph and the license information should be on the bottom.


Although not for everybody. If you are searching for older classic looking graphics. Viintage is focused on purely vintage looking photographs.


Another one for the folks looking for older content. NewOldStock is a vintage photo curation website. They do a great job delivering quality content that caters to this specified audience.


Every single photograph that you find on Gratisography was taken by Ryan Mcguire and released under the public domain. What you will find covers but not specified to animals, nature, objects, people, urban, and whimsical types of photographs.


Don’t let the name fool you. There are new photographs added every single week to NegativeSpace. All the content on the website is released under CC0 so there are no restrictions regarding copyright.


LifeOfPix has high resolution photographs covering 13 categories. The topics that are covered are animals, beaches, black and white, city, construction, desk, food, industrial, nature, object, people. sea, and textures. There is no search function on the site so you will just need to go through the individual topics to find what you want to use. The content comes from a network of photographers that work with the Leeroy company, an advertising firm from Canada.


All content on RealisticShots comes from Henry Reyes. The topics of photos that you can find are but not subject to just architecture, nature, people, travel, and technology.


Specified to only nature. New photos are added to FreeNatureStock every single day. All photographs are taken by Adrian Pelletier. You are welcome to use the royalty free content however you like because it is all released under public domain.


Quality over quantity. Although Jeshoots doesn’t have as much content then the other web portals. The category of photographs covered on the site are among animals, architecture, city & street, devices, food, lights, nature, and people. It is worth checking out if the type of content you are looking for falls within those categories.


UHDWallpapers is a site that I found that focuses on high quality photographs that are as high as 3840 x 2160 px. This is UHD 4k resolution.


Specified to abstract, architecture, city, fashion, food, and landscape. Kaboompics is another notable source worth mentioning because of the sheer volume and quality of their media.


ImCreator shows you the true meaning of quality of quantity. This site contains many curated collections of photographs spanning across a wide variety of topics.


Guaranteed to make you hungry. FoodiesFeed is dedicated to food pictures all day everyday. According to the site they have over 400 thousand downloads to date. You can even sort the foods by category. This is a foodies paradise.


Created by a college student in the mid 90s. Today, he is no longer a college student. MorgueFile is a free photography archive that will keep you entertained for hours.


A quality source to get photographs. TookaPic has a great search function that will show you plenty of options. If that doesn’t satisfy you. Then you can take a look at one of their 21 collections.


With over 300 pages and counting of public domain pictures. It is easy to see why it is worth mentioning PDPics.


Talk about public service. Tons of beautiful nature and scenery. JayMantri is a solo photographer who uploads all his work to his site to share with the world.


Utilizing the Tumblr platform to its fullest. GetRefe posts all their content to their social media account. The topics covered are abstract, business, food, home, lifestyle, nature, outdoor, tech, transport, and travel.


SnapwireSnaps collects media from their premium collection then post it to their tumblr page for free under the public domain.


Last but not least. This is one is a diamond in the ruff. Every single photograph on PicJumbo is visually beautiful. If you like a specific image then you can download the whole collection for even more options.


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The internet would be a very bland place without free stock photos. Depending on your preference of media. By now you should have found one (if not more) resources that you can add to your tool bin. The next time you get stuck on ideas for what pictures to use. Refer back to this page to help yourself get unstuck.

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