Step-By-Step Guide On How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Are you here because you are interested in a different career path or want to learn about a possible side income source from blogging?

The motive of this post is to teach you how to start a blog and make money from it. The reality is that the majority of people who read this probably won’t make a single cent online. But for the select few who put in the relentless effort to do it right. There is the potential to turn blogging into a full time career that could possibly outweigh the revenue you make from your day job.

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From here on out we will focus on the setup process of your blog. Then we will take the necessary steps towards the other things that go into running your site.


The name that you choose for your blog can either break your or make you. A great rule of thumb for when selecting a domain name for your site is to not use numbers or dashes (-). Keep the name under under 10 characters and not use more then 2 words. Also you should only stick to .com .net and .org because it is the most recognizable domain extension to the world. Of course this are always exceptions to this but for beginners this is going to be the best way for you to start off.


If you want to be a serious blogger free web hosting is simply not an option. Personally I recommend using iPage. They cost under $5 a month and with a 99% uptime this is affordable for most people. You even get unlimited bandwidth and can host as many websites as you want. This is perfect for pretty much all new bloggers. Down the line as your blog grows bigger you can explore other hosting options such as a vpn or dedicated server.


For those just starting out. You can get really affordable web hosting for under $10 per month. Thats like 2 cups of coffee a month. With the ability to host unlimited domains and bandwidth. This is a cost investment that is affordable for almost any new blogger. Once you have your hosting. It only takes a few clicks to install WordPress on your server.


This part is easier then you would think. After a few days of tinkering around in the user interface you will understand how to do pretty much everything. There is no technical knowledge required.

Wordpress Facts.
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No technical knowledge needed. Pretty much any function that you want to do with your blog. You can search and install a plugin to do it. There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress store that you can within seconds find, download, and install for free on your blog.


There are hundreds if not thousands of ways you can make money online. I wrote a post on how to make money blogging. For more useful tips on some of the most common monetization strategies that bloggers are using today to gain the most revenue from their websites you are welcome to check it out.

Making money form your blog.
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How do you start a blog?
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By now you should have selected your domain name and purchased web hosting. From there you should have setup, learned how to use, market, and make money from your blog. The topics and subtopics above barely scratch the surface on what you can do next. But are merely an introduction for helping you start your journey as a blogger.

Did you know that when you make a blog. That is only the beginning. From there you will need to divert your attention to focusing on crafting beneficial content and explore marketing strategies to grow and reach your audience. The blogging platform that you will learn how to use pretty much runs it self once you set it up. So that you can focus your attention on creating great content that your audience will love.


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