Most-Famous Johannes Kepler Accomplishments and Inventions

Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler: (December 27, 1571 – November 15, 1630) – 59 Years Young

Contrary to popular belief, Johannes Kepler was a man of many talents. One day as he grew older he would become one of the leading founders astronomy for his inventions. As a kid he always aspired for more. He was of german descent and by profession most commonly known as being one of the most reputable astrologer, astronomer, and mathematicians of his time because of the discoveries. In the time that he lived there was no big difference in astrology and astronomy because no real innovation was really made until he came along and created a tool that would change the way people were able to now see into space. His accomplishments paved the way for many different innovations and his discoveries are still used by millions if not hundred of millions of people around the world every single day. Keep reading and you will learn about some of the most-famous inventions that Kepler discovered that is still being used today.


His most notable inventions include:


Chance are either you are someone you know wears glasses. Although the first eye glasses were invented during the 1200s in Italy. It was not until the 1600s did Johannes Kepler come along and invent a solution for the lenses in eye glasses to fix farsighted and nearsightedness with the convex technology of bending light through mirrors. This may be one of his biggest accomplishments to date. A fun fact is in early versions of his glasses lenses, they used to consist of two magnifying glasses stuck to each other.


An optical tool that is used to see objects that are far away but when you look through a telescope the objects will appear like they are closer then they really are. This effect is caused by bending light and curving mirrors to the correct refraction to achieve this effect. Kepler’s innovation with glasses paved way for the new opportunities with the telescope. The telescope is basically a high powered lense that zooms very far away. If you could use glasses to see up close and far away. It is only a short leap to magnify the power of the lense to see into space.


Originally meant to be a map of the world. Upon being able to see into the universe. Kepler’s perception of how big the world was became broader.The Rudolphine is a published catalog of the stars and planets found in the universe. This is one of the most accurate documentations of astrology of the time and is a nationally acclaimed resource for people around the world.

Image: Space | Karl Tate

As a way to log the planets and stars he had seen in the sky. Kepler created one of the first original log books as a solution to a problem he was having. This solution helped categorize the astronomy in the sky. Today people have found other practical uses for this accomplishment. From captains logging their miles in the sea, to astronauts keeping track of their progress in space.

Image: Space-Facts

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