No B.S. Guide To Pinterest Marketing: The Ultimate Resource For Beginners

Pinterest For Business
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Pinterest is a social media network that can be used through the computer, mobile devices, and any other internet capable device. What is special about this network is it is a photo only network.  Members can create and share their collection of photos and or boards of photos on this network. Each user will be able to create their own boards by adding websites, pictures, and other things that interest them. Different types of photos will be split up into categories such as recipes, birthday, wedding, parties, and more.


Pinterest offers a unique way to market your business because instead of going after the customers through text post and videos, you are promoting everything through photos. You can be successful on Pinterest if you use the right keywords matched with awesome photos. Here are some hints that you should consider when marketing on Pinterest.

Utilizing boards to connect with customers

Just because you are a business on Pinterest does not mean that you should not have a board and use the pinning options. You need to show that you follow other categories that are similar to yours so that you can be found. When you first set up the account, make sure to show your logo first and some information about your business. When that is done, you can start creating a few boards that will draw in your target customers. You can use strategic pinning so you can target loyal businesses and customers already on the network. Pin something that you like, repin something that someone shares with you, and then follow other companies you like. Anytime someone repins a photo with link that you have, it is going to point back to your site for others to see.

You should also be social with your pinning. Do not just look at pictures and then put them on your site. When you see other pins, take the time to comment on them as well. The more you comment the more likely that a potential customer will see you and come to look at your profile. You want to show to the world that you are not just there for business you are also interacting with the community.

Post enticing photos

This is a photo only social network. So customers on this network have a really keen eye for photos. Your boards should not all be about taking images from other companies and using them as your own. You need to make pins about your own business or things relating so that other customers can see your work, and pin it on their walls. This means finding photos and posting that would want to make people interact. So they save it to their computer or share it. This really opens more door for your social media presence. Great photos can really show off your work and get other customers to warm up to what your business has to offer.

Encouraging interaction

Once you have built up a following on Pinterest, use it to your advantage to get more views and more pins to your boards. Set up a competition through your pins for the best foods to eat, best places to visit, or something else that has to do with your particular business. This gives customers a chance to visit your board and spread the news to those who might not have had head.

Monetizing through search engines

Being noticed in search engines is important if you want more people to find your business. Search engines like Google will notice content that is fresh because it gives out social signals to the search engine. This means that you should try to optimize your pins using keywords, categories, links, and even hashtags. Don’t be over do it. Keep it as natural as possible. This makes it easier for customers to find you simply by putting in keywords online. When done correctly this can draw many people to your website through the search engine. When you have a strong social media presences on Pinterest, sites like Google take notice and push your profile higher above other in relevant search terms associated with your profile. Thus bringing in more traffic to your Pinterest page and business.

Working with the numbers

This is the only way you can tell if your business is being marketed effectively. If you are not getting very high traffic numbers for your pins, then you might be doing something wrong. With the numbers, you can see this much earlier so that you quit wasting time on that types of photos that might now work as well and try something else. On the other hand, if the idea is working, keep doing it. Also take the time to see how other businesses are promoting themselves on Pinterest and take note to how you can apply the same principals to your business so you can achieve similar results.


Pinterest Marketing
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With the visuals on Pinterest do differentiate it from other social networks. There are unique benefits to using this network over the others. Some of the benefits of marketing on Pinterest include:

  • Divert customers elsewhere

    —through the pins, repins, connections, and comments you make on this site, you will be able to drive more traffic to your business. This can be critical because more traffic, means more sales, and more sales means more revenue.

  • Find new customers

    —when marketing on Pinterest, you can convert someone who is just browsing through pictures into a buyer. Pinterest allows direct links to sales pages. Putting pictures of your products on the site with a link on where to get it can make it very simple for a shopper to get your item. The easier you can make this process the more likely someone will purchase from you. Putting the direct link to your product on your Pinterest post. Makes it easier for the customer. So it takes one click and they are viewing and buying your product.

  • Build virtual relationship with customers

    —on Pinterest it is easy to connect with potential customers simply by commenting on what they pin, creating boards that are similar to their interest, and repining what they like. On other social networks you can do this but not through photos specified.

  • Integrate with other social networks

    —Pinterest is great when you want to connect with other social networks. You can connect your Pinterest site with your Twitter and Facebook accounts so each of your pins will be posted on those networks as well. It is also easy to make your pins come together with your personal website. All of these connections can come together to make an integrated marketing campaign for your business so that it is that much more efficient.

  • Brand exposure

    —the more links you can get to your website, the better the marketing success. When you start, make sure some of your pins includes a link to your website so that you can link the customer to your business.


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