How To Reopen A Closed Tab On Your Web Browser

web browser

It happens to everyone at one point or another. After browsing the internet for a while. You either forget or accidentally close your web browser without saving the page(s) you were looking at. So you lose everything and might not remember the exact url(s). At this point your must be wondering if it is even possible to recover those recently closed tabs.


Getting back those windows that you exited may be easier then you think. Although most internet browsers do not make it obviously accessible to recover those old windows that are no longer open. This can be troublesome when you are trying to reopen a closed tab. There are ways to do it. If you keep on reading. Below you will a few tips on how to recover those tabs you lost.


mozilla firefox
Launch Firefox and go to history by pressing simultaneous crtl>shift>h. Or if you run the firefox browser you will notice on the bottom of your screen a history button. From your history you can see all the windows that you previously exited.


google chrome
Navigate to the top right of your Google Chrome web browser. Open the settings. Then tap on the history. You will see a list of all your recently closed tabs. Just click on the one you want to select to reopen a closed tab.


microsoft edge
After you run the Microsoft Edge browser. Right click on the tabs located above. You will see an option that says “recently closed tabs”. Tap on it and you will see all of your previous windows.


If you notice on the top bar. Tap on “history”. From there click on “show all history”. This will display all the windows that you previously visited.


Tap on the “settings” located on the top right part of your Opera window. Then click on “history”. From there you will be able to open all of your windows that you exited.

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