The Ultimate Vine Marketing Guide To Improve Your Visibility

Vine Marketing
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Vine is a short video sharing service founded in 2012 and later acquired by Twitter. The service is set up to allow members to record, edit, and publish up to six second videos. Members can share or revine posts with others. Many of the Vines posted will be revined just because the audience loves it and wants to share it with their friends. The videos on this social network can also be shared through other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and any other websites. Using the Vine app can allow you to browse through the videos posted by other members and you also have the option of sorting them out by a category.


It is easy to integrate your Twitter and Vine accounts together since these are owned by the same company. Some great marketing tips for Vine include:

Growing through video

The video aspect of Vine makes it really appealing because you will be able to show a different side to your business. Try doing interviews with your employees or with someone important associated with your business. Doing this helps give customers a insight into the people behind the company and how there relatable.

Connecting through video

You have to remember that these videos must be less than six seconds long. While this does not give you a lot of time, it is enough time to get a get an reaction from your customers. One way you can use this to your advantage is to place your business or logo in the video. In a way this is a form subliminal advertising.

Encouraging revines

Create your videos in a way that the customers would enjoy and click that revine button.  Revine in Vine is what Retweet is to Twitter. Examples of highly shareable content might be humor, happy, and other emotional provoking videos. When people revine your videos, their friends see and revine that same video and the snowball effect can explode from there.

Building buzz through video

If you’re getting ready for a launch the best way to promote it before it’s even live is creating buzz. Events work well to get customers excited about your launch. You can use vine to build the buzz for the prerelease. This works really well if the launch is for a product, service, and or upcoming event. Building buzz can include sharing visually appealing parts about the product, service, and or event. In many some cases you are not revealing the actual launch yet, but giving a good glimpse of it and really getting the customers to start talking and looking forward to what is to come.

Hiring a professional if budget permits

You can definably bootstrap the video making process and do it yourself. But there are times when a professional videographer can really make a difference for the image that you are trying to portray. In the beginning of Vine you were only able to create videos using the mobile app, making it difficult to pre-film and distribute videos from high quality equipment. Now the site has been updated. You are now able to upload videos from wherever you want. Whether you make it on the spot or prepare it ahead of time. This allows you more diversity in the material that you provide to your customers. You can cut down an advertisement you already have or bring in a professional to make the 6 second video as impacting as possible to get the biggest reaction from your audience.

Getting feedback from customers

Collecting feedback is the best way to find if your customers are happy. If you want to get some quick feedback about an upcoming product or service, nothing beats a quick video and its ability to generate comments that you can use as feedback. Depending on the size of your following the comment should come in almost within the hour if your reach is big enough.

Using analytics to grow

Vine recently introduced a tool to see how many times your videos have been watched. This is a nice tool because it allows you to have an idea of how many people looped your video or embedded it online. What this is going to mean for you is that you will have better control over analyzing who saw the video and if it reached the audience it was supposed to. If a video did well you should be focused on doing more of those types of videos.


What you should know about Vine.
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Since you are limited on the amount of time you can advertise or promote something. You will need to think outside the box to get your message across effectively. Here are the benefits of using vine:

  • Video only platform

    —this site is going to rely exclusively on using video to get your message across. Your followers will be able to see and hear about your product rather than reading words on a page. While the amount of time is short, you will be able to show your audience your product and even a short demonstration of how it works. This is something not available to other social networks.

  • Creativity factor

    —how much fun can you have making a short video that your audience can see? What might seem like a challenge in the beginning is actually a chance to do something bold and completely unique.

  • One tap to share your video

    —your customers will be able to easily share the videos that you post without having to go through hoops. They can share your video on their own page and their friends can see the videos and share it with their friends. If you come up with something really special and unique, the amount of people who can see your message is unlimited.

  • Analytic benefits

    —since Vine started out offering loop count to their members, it is easier than ever to see how many people have seen your video.

  • Subliminal advertising

    —it is easy to make your video in a way that encourages the customers take action and visit your business. While a video is being played, you can show your website on or business in the background. This can encourage followers to go and check out what you have to offer. How you advertise in a video can be subliminal and the ways of connecting can be done a number of ways.

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